Start the day off Right with Mi(ni)ster Blakes

Apparently things are looking up for one of my favorite emcees. "Since 2007, I've married, moved to Los Angeles and had a son..." Bavu announced in a cheerful email which also announced "a free 2012 anthem for you, your family and your friends called BIG Bright Future..."  Check it out and cop the download below.

Bavu also teased his SANCT EP he's dropping next month. Having heard the unmastered version of the record, I'd say fans of Bavu's past work will be pleased with what they're gonna hear on SANCT. He's leaked the gracious and revealing track Eddie Long, one of my favorite songs of he's ever done.

Bavu Blakes - Eddie Long feat Easy Lee (unmastered) by mrblakes
He's also blessed married dudes with CSI. Like the best r&b songwriters, Bavu has the ability to simultaneously idealize and be realistic about romance, love, and marriage.

Bavu Blakes - CSI (demo) feat Ter'ell Shahid and S'ence [produced by Fire Winn] by mrblakes 
Like Mos Def, Common or the original Todd, Bavu has the kind of vocal quality to make a career out rapping chicks to sleep if he wanted to, and that makes the choice not to that much more admirable. When he does do one of those "for tha ladies" joints, he always makes it dope so it's fun for the whole family, seen? Anyways, like I said, SANCT EP drops next month. Stay tuned...


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