Two Words: BLADE! ANIME!

Peep the new trailer for Marvel's new anime-style Blade cartoon that's making it's debut on cable this Friday...

 I missed the memo about this, but that's cool. Saw an email about it tonight and figured I'd pass it on, in case any of you hadn't heard about it. As you know if you watched it, Blade appears January 14th.
While we're talking about Blade, I recently checked out the X-men: Curse of the Mutants-Mutants vs Vampires trade, collecting a series of X-men one-shots about a sect of vampires targeting the mutant community. It was pretty good... the best part of the Mutants vs Vampires book was the Blade story The Light at the End which is the best Blade story I've read in a long time. Well, it's the only Blade story I've read in a long time... but that's beside the point! It's AWESOME! That's the point! Peep this preview below...

It was well-written and drawn, and I'm sure you'll be pleased to know that the vampires were glitter-free. If you like Blad and the X-men (and the New Mutants, etc) X-men: Curse of the Mutants- Mutants vs Vampires is a no brainer. Click here to cop it!



corance said...

I've seen the first 3 episodes of the Blade anime, and it's pretty good. The fights are cool, the animation quality is high; good stuff.

samax amen said...

got me beat! I missed it! LOL!

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