PREVIEW: "Zombie Dickheads Are NOT Coming to Get You" by Chris Moreno

I was excited to find out that my frequent cover artist Zees' brother Chris Moreno was going to be at STAPLE this year. So, I decided to go diving in his deviantArt gallery and found this SWEET 8 page preview of Chris's zombie comedy Zombie Dickheads are Not Coming to Get You. This one-shot features a quartet of constantly quarreling zombies who have managed to remain sentient despite their obvious post mortem condition because they... well, just read the preview...

Now that we have established the fact that mad skills run in the Moreno family AND that vegetarians really DO live forever, I'm happy to point out that you can actually purchase your very own copy of Zombie Dickheads are Not Coming To Get You by clicking here. As for me, I can't wait to meet Chris at STAPLE in March to buy my copy!


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