New Leonardo (TMNT) one-shot by Ross Campbell?!

2012 may just be a tipping point year for Ross Campbell. In addition to presiding over his critically-acclaimed indie books Wet Moon and Shadoweyes, and drawing Glory for a newly rechristened Extreme Studios, Ross has been tapped to draw a one shot starring Leonardo of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles fame.

 I don't have any preview art, but Ross is a huge fan of the mighty crime-fighting terrapins, so I have some turtle-powered art to show you anyways!
"Here's a just-for-fun page I did months ago, personal prep work for drawing TMNT comics." Ross said on his Deviant Art page... "The page started out as standard comic dimensions but i kept adding panels at the bottom...

A cool take on April O'neill

These last four are the covers Ross did for Mirage's Raphael: Bad Moon mini.

you know the name...

So anyways, I'm fired up! When I know more about the new Leonardo one shot, I'll pass on the info!



Arkonbey said...



What can I say except that the best TMNT stuff since... well, ever. Even better than the Eastman/Laird years, I'd say.

If I wasn't jonesing for Shadoweyes 3, I'd say "Give that man a TMNT title to play with!"

verification word is "pratend". another word for "mak baleev"

samax amen said...

Yeah, Ross almost landed art chores on the TMNT series that's on stands now:

Obviously, that fell through. I'm glad he's on this one shot.

I understand where you're coming from with Shadoweyes. I'm also a big fan of Wet Moon and was looking forward to the relaunch of his self-published fighting comic Mountain Girl, which he was trying to get published before being tapped to draw Glory.

I am hoping these Mainstream(ish) books increase his profile enough to help his indie(r) books reach more of their potential audience. In the short term, it will put some money in his pockets (despite a stellar catalog, Ross doesn't make much money off comics). We have seen lots of great talents burn out, and I think higher profile books will keep Ross in the industry.

I think we win in that case. I also think if publishers see how good Ross is at speaking to underserved audiences, his stock will rise in a way you and I will both like.

At least I hope so...

ross said...

thanks, you guys!! Samax, thanks for the plug and support as always. Arkonbey, thanks for the TMNT love, but man, best EVER?!?! that's high praise, thank you!

Samax, that's not quite what happened, i was never in line for IDW's TMNT, i was supposed to draw a Turtles monthly at a different publisher before Nickelodeon backed out and decided on IDW.

Mountain Girl will still return! i'm not ready to work on it yet anyway, i'm still ruminating on the story. i'd love to get going on it but i like to think of it like i'm letting the story marinate.

as much i'd like to totally focus 100% on my solo stuff, i think the mainstream(ish) gigs are good to do. for the money, of course, for the exposure, and for the practice; i'm pretty out of my comfort zone in Glory and that can only help me as an artist. :)

samax amen said...

Thanks for the correction. I'm happy to try to get the word out... Good luck with your new gig!

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