"We broke Batman's back. We killed Superman." -Rob Liefeld, speaking on the impact of the Image Comics founding.

Just finished watching The Image Revolution, a documentary chronicling the history of iconic creator-owned publisher Image Comics. I went ahead and embedded it for you to watch below

Maybe I'll come back and insert some blahzay blah on this when I have time. Peace to my man Kareem Louverture who shared the link with me on Facebook. Feel free to discuss, share, etc

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Arkonbey said...

Image did really break away from the big two and allow studios like Boom to come into being.

After a while, however, I personally found their stories to be trite and the artwork very... Liefeld-ian overall.

Even The Maxx got quite tiresome which was a shame.

samax amen said...

I agree 100%. Image wasn't very innovative as far as the writing, but I think they exemplified what the industry was about at the time. Late-wave books like The Maxx and Wetworks really tested the artist-driven model and showed that it cold work, even when the writing stalled.

Overall, I think Image was very good for the medium. Today, they publish some of the best comics in multiple genres. But then, I'm a creator-owned evangelist.

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