Have you seen this Kickstarter trailer for the 80's style action comedy KUNG FURY? No? CLICK THIS NOW!

Judging from the almost six thousand backers it has already, you may have already heard about the silly ass CGI 80's love fest KUNG FURY, but I'll be damned if I wasn't gonna share what has gotta be the best Kickstarter video ever...

Okay... I love this long time. Because these dudes are in Sweden, I will forgive them in advance for the fact that there will probably be no black or brown people in their version of 80's Miami.  At any rate, this feels like Jim Rugg's Street Angel and King Leonidas from 300 had a baby, which in my little universe is a very good thing! In fact, since the 30 minute movie is already funded, I would love to see a Kung Fury comic adaptation by Jim Rugg in the rewards.
Anyways, click here to peep the rewards, get more info, and put some loot behind Kung Fury.


Samax Amen is a freelance cartoonist, knowledge worker, and entrepreneur who has been working hard to become an overnight success for about twenty years. 

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