I don't really pay attention to DC that much since the so-called "New 52" reboot, which is the only excuse I can give for knowing absolutely nothing about The Movement, the story of a grass-roots vigilante resistance in the DC universe. I'd still be clueless if this cover for #5 by the born-again hard (and GhettoManga contributor) Dan Panosian hadn't caught my eye. But let's back up and check out some previous issues...

And now, the issue 5 preview...

The Movement immediately calls to mind Occupy Wall Street, the Anonymous, and other lesser angry, anti-establishment populist movements. Written by veteran scribe Gail Simone, The Movement boasts a roster of diverse, well-conceived characters. Even in these brief previews, we see Simone twisting the Batman/Gordon relationship between young Virtue and Captain Meers into one that makes each character seem even wiser and more noble with each encounter, despite their goals being at odds.  The art by Freddie Williams II feels raw and excited (even rushed in places), capturing the spirit of youth and chaos the subject matter calls for.
Anyways, this looks like my cup of tea. This is definitely the kind of book that would get my loot if I had any. Since DC merged their universes for New 52, most of their books feel like Wildstorm books, and it doesn't always work for me, but that independent-yet-high-budget superhero comic model perfectly suits The Movement. Get your hands on it if you can! If you're already reading it (or when you get a chance to), let me know what you think of it.



tanthony said...

Thanks for the heads up on this. I haven't bought DC/Marvel stuff in years, but this book looks like it's worth breaking my boycott to check out.

Samax said...

Right there with you tanthony! There is always the threat that d-level books (historically, always my favorites at mainstream publishers) will be overwhelmed by crossovers and/or guest appearances. Happily, it seems not to be the case, so far.

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