Your boy @Beefy_Kunoichi talks about his "PART TIME SHUFFLE" project, music and other isht on the Occupational Hazards podcast

Yes... Meiko loves her some DOOM...
That dude James Stanley talks about music, fashion, and all the assorted hooey that goes into the making of his long-awaited comic project Part Time Shuffle on the Occupational Hazards podcast. Click here to check it out.

Stanley doesn't actually talk about the cast that much , but he briefly acknowledges my favorite character (the super-duper fly Aishah Garman), but he tries to keep it brief, since she has drawn so much of the attention and conversation in the years (yep) that Stanley has been developing PTS. Aishah is definitely a spotlight-stealer, and the number one thing that drew me to Part Time Shuffle(the MF DOOM tee comes a close second), but there's definitely a lot to like about it. Judging from this interview, there's a ton of news on the horizon that he can't talk about yet, so I'll keep you posted about whatever I find out. Click here to follow him on Tumblr.

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