Marvel announces projects with Felipe Smith, Tradd Moore, and Mike Allred at NYCC

 Much ado was made in the nineties when Marvel Comics' biggest names revolted and founded Image Comics, signaling what many consider the high point for creator's rights and independent comics in America. In the Joe Quesada era, Marvel has reversed their fortunes by turning indie comics (especially Image) into a farm league for new talent. The good times continue to roll for the House of Mouse Ideas, as evidenced by these new books announced at New York Comic Con...
In addition to the announcement that caught MY eye, namely the new Ghost Rider book by GhettoManga's favorite international man of mystery Felipe Smith (MBQ, Peepo Choo) and budding superstar artist Tradd Moore (Luther Strode), Marvel has also tapped indie superstar Mike Allred (Madman, The Atomics) to draw Silver Surfer, which will be written by Dan Slott (The Amazing Spider-Man).

“The hardest thing about working on something you love so much... Allred revealed on his blog after the announcement,“is having to keep it a secret. But it’s not just an incredible relief when a project is finally announced, it’s a powerful thrill! So, today the
SILVER SURFER series I’m doing with the equally jazzed Dan Slott was officially announced today at NYCC with great enthusiasm and the response has been wonderful. This project means too much to me to even attempt explaining here without writing an entire chapter to my life story (which would be of questionable interest). Suffice to say

It's good to know that Allred is drawing a book that he really wants to draw. This is of course not Allred's first stint on a Marvel book. He also had an award-worthy run on Peter Milligan's hella tight X-Force comic, which was eventually rechristened X-Statix to take food outta Rob Liefeld's mouth or something. He has since worked on all kinds of other properties, including a comic spin-off of the popular kids show Yo Gabba Gabba. Also his Madman characters seem to be doing alright at Image, even when he's not drawing them, as evidenced by the success of It Girl and the Atomics. Still, I am always a little bit ambivelent about indie dudes going corporate. On the one hand, It's awesome knowing that guys like Allred and Felipe Smith are getting recognition (and money) creating for a mass audience. These are real people with financial goals, maybe even families to support or start, so it's awesome to see that it is still possible to pull oneself up into the middle class writing and drawing comics. On the other hand, it is sad to remember that success at a high level often eclipses one's indie beginnings. How many people who consider themselves fans of Brian Michael Bendis have a copy of Torso or Jinx on the shelf? Anybody? Beuller? As much as I love the idea of a counter-cultural mind like Felipe's at the helm of Ghost Rider, I really want to see him develop the concepts and vision he hinted at in MBQ. As good as this new Ghost Rider book has the potential to be, do we really need another awesome Ghost Rider story? Of course we do, but do you see my point?
That said, I understand why these deals are attractive. We all got bills. And every artist wants the chance to show what he can do on as large a stage as possible. So props and thanks to Marvel for keeping the dream alive. As for me, I don't expect Joe Quesada to hit me on my cell anytime soon, but if any of you small press publishers are reading this, I got a GREAT idea for a magazine!



corance said...

One things for sure; Ghost Rider's gonna be far out. If you want someone who'll bring the extremity, you've got the right team.

samax amen said...

No doubt. Felipe's considerable skills as a writer are sometimes eclipsed by his insane drawing ability... Tradd is sick as well. I've never read Luther Strode, but the art is insane.

I hope they bring some of that ultra-violence to Ghost Rider.

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