RAT QUEENS #2 is in stores now, But YOU ARE NOT READY!!! #begBorrowSteal

 Seriously, yo... turn back NOW before it's too late...

It's official: ROC UPCHURCH (Vescell) IS THE MOTHERFUCKIN' MAN on some well-rounded art shit!!! The character design, storytelling and action scenes in Rat Queens are all fucking fabulous. I read this in a public place, and was annoying the crap out of the people around me tripping on how ill it was. Nuff respect to Roc and writer Kurtis J. Wiebe (The Intrepids, Peter Panzerfaust) for making helping me look like a fucking dork at Starbucks. It's good to know I am not too jaded to make a fool of myself reading comics among the common people. But this ain't about me, this comic is just that good. Roc and Wiebe have a well-crafted action-fantasy smash on their hands, and if you're smart (and since you're reading GhettoManga, you probably are), you'll get your hands on Rat Queens by any means necessary.



Arkonbey said...

Thanks for reminding me of this! I was thinking of this comic just today but, couldn't remember the title!

Sucks that my LCS has lost my business. Now I have to tradewait and get the TPB from my LBS.

Man, that's a lot of abbreviations in one sentence.

samax amen said...

Ha ha! No problem.
Tradewaiting is tricky with Image. They still haven't released Vescell in trade. That makes me sad.

But Rat Queens is looking like a hit, so I'm sure the trade won't be long in coming.

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