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Corance said...

That's freakin' halarious.

samax said...

yo, Corance!
PLEASE tell me you are hitting these downloads! that Rhymefest mixtape is off the CHAIN!
and i got two Chino XL joints the past week or two...
please tell me you are snatching these free classics!

(this isn't a sales pitch, ya'll... corance is my man!)

anyways, yeah that pic made me laugh out loud!

Corance said...

I missed the Rhymefest one. I had a worm or something the last few days and just got rid of it. I didn't want to download while it was still on there. I got the rest of them though.

samax said...

you should grab it!
it's the sickest thing ever.
well, not LITERALLY, but it is among those things most sick...

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