Dallas Penn and The VILLAIN

that dude Dallas Penn dropped this extra-ill video he made for the MF DOOM track Microwave Mayonaisse, off'a DOOM'S bangin' new plate Born Like That. props to Jamar for emailin' this to me! this is the illest thing ever! click the pic for the director's commentary from the dead serious action figure film maker!


B_Steelo said...

Those poses are epic

Vee (Scratch) said...

If you don't know, DP is the truth.

Corance said...

DANG!!! That was fire. Doom's dope. And that action figure was ill.

dp said...

Thx for the love brother (pause).

What up mang-a?!?

samax said...

not EVEN a problem, Dallas! thanks for droppin' by... don't be a stranger!

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