United SKATES Government

peep this fly ass skate deck from Creative Genius/Denominator Graphics! people in the US and around the world all took a collective sigh of relief when the W and Dick Chain vacated the Oval Office, and CG commemorated that glee with this original deck, which is still for sale, for 54.99. Click the pic if you wanna COP IT!


Michael said...

This dude is freakin' awesome. We've talked a few times and he's a great cat too. He's one of a handful of artists that I'd love to bring into town to do an artlovemagic show.

Actually, since him and Goldie are doing live art together in Atlanta, I've talked to him about doing two shows back to back, one in ATL and one in Dallas. Get him and Goldie and a few of his boys to roadtrip out here, and in return me, Boulet, Amen, etc roadtrip to Atlanta.

We give both the shows the same theme, and push them as one semi-cross country event.

oooh. That'd be some fun.

Dan The Man -creativegenius said...

hey man, thanks for the shout out!
hit me up when you swing by the ATL, and I'm working on the logistics for a Dallas/ATL show 4 real!

samax said...

for real, fam:
we GOTTA make that happen!

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