Thinkin' Of A Master Plan...

peep the Long-Awaited animated premier episode of Blokhedz (based on the comic by the Mad Twinz), starring Talib Kweli.
let me know what ya'll think!


Vee (Scratch) said...

I saw this yesterday. They did their thing. It is so easy to hate on it, but I am impress. There's nothing I can really pick on. From the design aesthetics, color palette to the motion.

I haven't seen anybody do anything remotely close to this on some hip-hop ish.

-- Well I fux with Tokyo Tribe!!

Oh yeah, THANKS for stopping by the blog and SHOWING major love. I'm trying to step it up and post daily, well almost daily. I may miss a day or two. Plan on popping a comic strip soon! Once again thanks for the feedback.

cartoonjoe said...

I've never even heard of BLOCKHEADZ, before today...but I am officially hooked!!

samax said...

SCRATCH: right. Lesean Thomas (Boondocks, Arkanum, Cannon Busters) worked on the storyboards... hot like Texas in July (now that's HOT!)...
'nuff respect on the blogging. i believe productivity is the secret to success. can't wait to see your comics!

JOE: you need to read the Blokhedz comic! click on the pic in this post or in the sidebar and it'll take you to where you can cop it on Amazon.

the hip hop comics/animation revolution is well underway, but like everything good in hip hop, it's UNDERGROUND! if i can help put people on, i feel like i done my job!


samax said...

oh yeah, i liked Tokyo Tribes too... did they ever do a part 2?

The best hip hop/manga comic i've ever read is MBQ by Felipe Smith. all due respect, that tears Tokyo Tribe a new one (not that it's a competition...)

read my very first blog about mbq HERE:

AND get more heat here:


Anonymous said...

man im all about this cartoon now. the animation is sickk

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