So Fresh, So Clean...

if this isn't a first... it's the first I ever heard of it... Rachel Rage Soap (designed to coincide with the release of the new OGN) wins the ghettoManga T'ing of the Week! definitely the most creative comics promo item i've seen in a long time!
props to for bringin' the sweet savour of brown sugar to the game!


RodBuddah said...

Van Damme! That's off the chain!
Well, off the rope, anyways!

I've gotta cop one!

samax said...

i'm SAYIN'! dude is doin' it big.

John Aston said...


No undeserving humans were harmed while caps were busted for the soap.

samax said...

anytime cats can be challenged to step their comics game and hygiene game up at the same time, i'm all over it...

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