Scott Pilgrim movie Vlog is live!

here's the production vlog for the film adaptation of the ghettoManga Award-winning OGN series Scott Pilgrim. Scott Pilgrim single-handedly justifies Canada's existence. this movie better rock, or the state of Michigan's gonna conquer Canada and hand it over to Sara Palin. and who KNOWS what that psycho would do with all the power of CANADA at her disposal!!!! so hopefully, it'll be good...



Michael Lagocki said...

Looks promising. The books are brilliant and it falls under the question of "why not animated?", but I'm definitely interested.

I'm just hoping they get the character right. Scott is ridiculous, and most of his character is in how people react to him.


samax said...

i got my fingers crossed!

Cal Slayton said...

The series is on my (way too long) list to read. I guess I better get to it.

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