Battle Angel out

if you've never read Battle Angel Alita, you should know it won the 2007 ghettoManga Award for Best Manga. if that (and a permanent spot on the BegBorrowSteal list) doesn't do it for you, i don't know what will! i haven't read the Battle Angel Alita, Last Order vol11: Angel Cake, but when i do, i'll let you know how it was!
in Angel Cake, Master manga creater Yukito Kishiro (Aqua Knight) returns, accompanied by his invincible cyborg sweetheart. Meet Kishiro's latest bevy of bizarre and tormented characters and catch up with your favorite friends and foes!A sophisticated science fiction tale packed with action, humor, and philosophical, historical, and cultural references!


Corance said...

Yes! This is my favorite comic. It balances story and art like nothing else, and excels in both.

samax said...

this is easily my favorite manga.

RodBuddah said...

This manga is one for the LEGENDS collection! I'm stoked to see what James Cameron does in his adaptation of this!

samax said...

i keep hearing about that. no reason to doubt cameron, but i can't see how a movie can touch this book...

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