Chuck Speaks

Rap v. Hip Hop


Vee (Scratch) said...

I really think the quick connection between graffiti and the hieroglyphics is pretty lazy. Heiroglyphics have more in common with the written word, used as a specific form of communication. Graffiti on the other hand, not so much.

What do you think about that that quick connection between graffiti and hieroglyphics? And consider the TIME period that they cover.

samax said...

both "grafitti"and "heiroglyphics" are terms used to describe more than one kind of thing. heiroglyphics employ muralistic drawings and picture-characters that function as writing. similarly, there is graf that is purely letters/words and graf that encorporates pictoral elements. in this way, i guess they are similar... but i find the connection between them that Chuck is implying pretty problematic.

i also shrug at the idea that "black and brown" people are inherently more creative than (i don't know, NOT black or brown people?)... there is variety in ethnic groups as to their creativity, but i wonder why people feel so comfortable implying "we" are naturally more creative.

what he said that i agree with is we need to know and remind ourselves of the true definitions of our culture internally, and not be defined by others, who define and herd us based on their own interests.

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