Every Word I Say Should Be A Hip Hop Quotable

(click the pics to enlarge) that dude John Aston at OldeTowneComix.com has put quotes from ghettoManga on the back cover of not one but TWO new books he's got in the pipe for convention season! the first pic (click to enlarge) is the back cover of that new Rachel Rage OGN i've been geeking to see (so much so i did a fan art piece of the title character). the other is the Trade PaperBack collecting Abusilum, his psycho crime drama that i reviewed last year. both quotes were awesome, if i do say so myself (they could get me to check something out). as i've said before, i'll let you know when these gems drop.

incidentally, if anyone else has used a quote from me on their books or whatever (or if any of you readers out there sees one), let me know and i'll give you another drop!


Serena W. said...

Props to you Samax!!!!! Are you going to the convention?

samax said...

this dude actually lives in north carolina. i won't be makin' it out that way for a minute.

there are cons in the dallas area that i'll likely be in. i'll post about them when they are confirmed!

RodBuddah said...

Congrats! You are a 'hip hop quotable'! I should get a quote from
you myself!
You should make your way up to N.C. one con summer! We can all mobilize and plot a future takeover... HA!

Great review!
Stay up

samax said...

i definitely want to come out to the east coast. it's exciting to see what other cats are doing all over the country!

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