A Strange Tale

Do you have trouble choosing between wearing your Adam Warlock, Silver Surfer and Doctor Strange t-shirts? Ever wondered whether the Ultimate Nullifier is more powerful than the Anti-life Equation? Do you like questionable science fiction, trippy artwork, and mystical alien artifacts that have some undefined ability to save the universe... or maybe destroy it? If you answered "yes" to any of those questions, you pro'lly wanna check out Winston Blakely's Little Miss Strange.
Little Miss Strange stars Scorpia of Satu, protege of the mysterious council of dimension-hopping alien mages that adopted her after the death of her parents. One of their number has gone rogue, and only Scorpia can stop him from assembling a trio of relics that have the power to unravel the fabric of time and space. like Mike Mignola's Hellboy, Scorpia speaks in an everyman... er, everywoman's voice. while the other characters speak with theatrical flair, Scorpia's no-nonsense chatter comes off like she just stepped out of the beauty shop in your hood.
Blakely falls into a few traps. his page composition, while energetic, can get a little crowded. he doesn't use gutters between panels, and the figures break out of them frequently. these factors, when combined with a badly-placed word balloon here or there, sometimes encourages reading panels and dialogue in the wrong order. Still, the chaotic arrangements and the book's strong, old-school drawings are effective more often than not. fans of the genre will really appreciate the obvious passion Blakely puts into the book, and his humor is very disarming. if books in this genre (like Silver Surfer, Dr. Strange, and Adam Warlock) have appealed to you in the past, you oughta enjoy this! cop it on Amazon.com.

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