it's GOOD to be the King

as Jam Master Jay's wife said at the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame, "It ain't Hip Hop without the deejay!"... my readers know the deejay is the backbone of hip hop culture (in case you're new, here's some required reading)... anyways, grant morrison fan and plate-spinner extraordinaire King Megatrip got mixes for days (not to mention nifty teeshirts like the image on the left) on his blog. get familiar!


Vee (Scratch) said...

From what I understand, a Run-DMC biopic is being planned. I wonder if they're going to go into detail concerning DMC legal standing with the group. He was basically a step-son in the group from the beginning.

Spinderella also had a similar experience with Salt-N-Pepa.

Fortunately some deejays grabbed the mic, like Dr. Dre, or became huge sought after producers like DJ Premiere.

samax said...

i guess it depends on who produces it. many biopics are designed to glorify the subjects... if so, any internal conflict will likely be minimized.

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