Respect the Architects: Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez

Spanish master comic book artist Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez moved comics forward with realistic anatomy, brilliant layouts, and attention to detail. He helped define the DC standard look for generations.

You probably had his art on a t-shirt or a lunchbox or a pillow case as a kid.


 This page from the 1981 Batman/Hulk crossover* is definitely art... I was never a huge fan of the Joker, but Len Wein and Garcia-Lopez captured his appeal perfectly here.
 *(You had me at "Batman/Hulk crossover")
 Cover to JLA: The Hypothetical Woman by Gail Simone, Garcia-Lopez and some other dudes.  When Jose inked himself on the covers... sick! Click here to read my review of JLA: The Hypothetical Woman on Amazon.
This looks ill!  I was largely a Marvel Zombie, but Teen Titans was my shit, too.  I never any of Garcia-Lopez' work on Titans...  I need to check this out.
He also did art on Atari Force, which looks really fun. No, really!

Speaking of ill shit I never read, look at these incredible pages I found from Twilight, a post-modern re-imagining of DC properties Garcia-Lopez worked on with Howard Chaykin that came out back in 1990.
I promise it has nothing to do with the shitty teenage vampire movies

Click here if you wanna read Twilight on Kindle/Comixology.

Anyways, the larger point I'm trying to make is Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez is a monster. 
His art from the DC Comics Style Guide (No, you can't buy it.  It's for licensees only) is currently still being used today on DC Comics Licensed products.  How's THAT for staying power?

If you're reading this Mister Garcia-Lopez... Respect from all of us here at GhettoManga! 
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B_Steelo said...

True indeed, man! I dig this article

samax amen said...

Thanks, Steelo!
Special shot out to Michael Lagocki who got it started on the GM Facebook page.

samax amen said...
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