PREVIEW- Prophet #32

I love all the artists employed on Brandon Graham’s lovingly weird retooling of Rob Liefeld’s sci-fi superhero comic Prophet (including Graham’s own art on the series), but after reading this preview of Prophet #32, I’m reminded why I still think the perfect artist for the series is Simon Roy.

Here's the Sales pitch:
John Ka, Earth Empire scout, has found little trace of mankind since her pod surfaced. However, when she finds a band of feral humans - and a Prophet clone who has gone native to protect them - she finds herself questioning what it means to be human.

It’s a testament to Brandon’s storytelling chops and the strength of his collaborators that no one seems to be complaining about the shifting art teams on Prophet, and since no one else is complaining, I won’t complain either. That said, I don't think any of the other artists are holding a candle to Simon Roy. I might enjoy the book more if Brandon was drawing it, but I honestly think it reaches its potential better rendered by Simon. Brandon's bubbly cartooning would bring the hopelessly upbeat and optimistic outlook to Prophet that we see in King City and Multiple Warheads, whereas Roy's art gives Prophet's future Earth the sense of alienation and otherness that makes the book a winner. Everything is NOT as it should be on Roy's future Earth. It just is what it is.
Prophet #32 is the first issue I have noticed that doesn't credit Brandon Graham as writer. I'm not sure if Graham has left the book permanently (perhaps to focus on Multiple Warheads), but if so, I hope this issue means that Roy is taking over as writer and artist for the duration. Whatever the case, Prophet #32 hits stores January 2nd. If this preview appeals to you, I highly recommend the initial Prophet story arc by Brandon Graham and Simon Roy, which Image has collected in Prophet Volume 1: Remission.
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