From the maker of "True Blood": BANSHEE: ORIGINS (30 page preview)

 The fine folks at Cinemax are debuting their new crime drama BANSHEE tonight. The series stars Antony Starr as Lucas Hood, hard-hustling thief posing as the sheriff of Banshee, Pennsylvania. Because there's no such thing as half-way crooks, Mister Hood launches a new slate of criminal enterprises from Banshee, while awaiting the vengeance of the Russian gangsters he screwed over in his past life.
Anyways, Cinemax and IDW put together a prequel to get you up to speed on all that gangster shit. Peep the 30 page preview BANSHEE:ORIGINS below...

That was a good read. I don't have cable, so unless I blow up between now and 10 pm, I'm gonna hafta wait on the DVD release. But YOU have cable, so you can watch Banshee on Cinemax Fridays at 10, starting tonight! I'll remind you when Cinemax and IDW drop the prequel joint. I saw what looked like a bundle of these behind the counter at my comic shop earlier this week, so Origins may actually be available in stores already. Ask your shop about it.
I really like how folks in other industries are using comics to expand on their stories. I think it's actually very good for the medium. It shows that comics continue to remain relevant to other, more lucrative and popular industries, it trains the public to read comics, and it employs comic book creators, which is always a good thing. Lemme know what YOU think, in the comments, or via social media...


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