OH SNAP! The "Rotten Apple (one shot)" by Sanford Greene is out!

 Whoa... this one got by me while I had my head down on some deadline isht. The Rotten Apple (one-shot) collects Sanford Greene's dystopian post-zombie action serial from Dark Horse Presents 2-5. Peep this 8 page preview...

Here's the Sales pitch:
In the crumbling, chaotic city now known as Rotten Apple, San Gee is hired by religious fanatics to find a lost, sacred artifact called the Bleeding Rock-but other strange sell-swords are also on the hunt for the priceless relic! Collects stories from Dark Horse Presents #2-#5. 

By the way, peace to Chuck Brown... I haven't given him his due credit in any of my posts about Rotten Apple, because I had no idea that Greene was working with a writer on it. Way to go, Chuck! So yeah, this book came out in December, so your local comic shop might have it if they ordered any. If not, just click here to cop it online. 


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