"James Stokoe is nuts" and other stuff I need to get off my chest...

Mad at myself for not working hard like James Stokoe...

I love James Stokoe's work. I only routinely purchase two monthly comics, and one of them is Godzilla: Half Century War. This insanely detailed page is from his creator-owned monster-centric fantasy Orc Stain.
Every now and then, I catch myself complaining about a client, or trying to figure out how to make more money with my modest self-publishing efforts... then I look at a James Stokoe or Brandon Graham page, and I realize that I'm not working NEARLY hard enough to have something to complain about! Drawing comics is not for the weak! On your feet soldier and all that! The fact is, drawing comics the only job I ever really wanted, and right now, I'm doing it. Am I making enough money to live on? Nope. Does my wife break her arm patting me on the back for "living the dream"? Hell no! In short, my problems are nor simple money problems or client problems... the REAL problem is I'm not producing at the rate and quality that I want. Putting it on the client, or my wife or whatever is just projecting. I just gotta get my boards up...
Speaking of working hard, fresh copies of the Undead Celebrities issue of our magazine GhettoManga Quarterly came in from the printer. We had a hiccup with the printing that delayed all you fine pre-orderers, subscribers, and other deserving people from getting your fast little fingers on your issue, but the books are in hand and they look great! I went out today and bought some magazine-sized plastic bags, and will start shipping books out tomorrow! If you didn't pre-order, cop it in here for $7 (enter coupon code RENT for free shipping, while supplies last!) OR get a GhettoManga Street Team Membership below (it's $5 a month OR $40 a year), which includes a year's subscription, plus tons of discounts and free stuff.

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