Doctor King would approve...

On this lovely Martin Luther King weekend, I'm forced to say that while racism is still a problem, I'm encouraged at the number of white fans I encounter who can look at black characters and other creations of black cartoonists and say "That comic is for me! I want that..."
Case in point, I have been working to sell the remaining copies of Black Comix I have in stock (currently have just three copies left, so get 'em while the gettin's good). I shipped a copy to Shari (above) who joined my fan club on Thursday. She received it on Saturday and was so excited that she snapped the enthusiastic pic above. Besides making me feel good, it also motivated Angelina Greenwood (who commissioned me in 2009) to wrangle her hubby into copping one for her impending birthday.

For the past week or so, I have been drawing each customer's favorite black superhero or villain on the title page of the book  This is a drawing of Storm from the X-men that I did in Angelina's copy.

Shout out to Eric Esquivel, who gave me the idea. He ordered four copies of the comic for Heroes and Villains Comics in Tucson, AZ. Esquivel requested that I draw his ultra-violent black superhero the Blackest Terror in his copies, and it was a ton of fun, so if you live in the area, go pick up a copy from Heroes and Villains!

I've really enjoyed getting these books out there. I didn't design or publish it, but I'm in it, and I'm still very proud to have been included. I also love the idea of educating people to the variety of what's out there in the underground. Although I have always had a very diverse fan base, I have been pleasantly surprised to find so many non-black readers and art fans that have been interested enough to put the coin down to buy Black Comix.
Anyways, there's a sale going on in the GhettoManga store through Martin Luther King Day, so use coupon code MLKSALE to get free domestic shipping on your order.

Have a great day...

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