So what did you think of the Jessica Jones trailer?

I finally watched the new trailer for the upcoming Marvel Cinematic Universe Netflix joint Jessica Jones.  Jessica Jones is a retired superhero who pays her bills as a private detective on the men streets of Hell's Kitchen. My main interest in Jessica Jones is her involvement with my dude Luke Cage (who will appear on her show before getting his own show) and the close geographical relationship to Daredevil, the wildly popular Netflix show that paved the way for this one...

In case you didn't know, Jessica Jones is based on a comic book called Alias (which has nothing to do with the adventures of CIA agent Sydney Bristow). Alias was the brainchild of prolific comics scribe Brian Michael Bendis (Powers, New Avengers, Ultimate Spider-man). The comic was the first comic in the Marvel Max line of books, essentially Marvel's foray into comics with sex, cussin' and all that shit.  So with the success of Daredevil on Netflix,  Marvel is smartly using that  platform to roll out more content taking advantage of the richness of their universe.  I gotta admit, I didn't really care that much about this show, until I rolled into this video below, which breaks down how severe the comic was, and why that will be challenging content to bring into people's homes.

Here's the Easter eggs video if you wanna avoid spoilers and F-bombs, because the above video drops plenty of both.

I guess it follows that I wouldn't care about the show since I never read the comic it's based on, but having seen this labor-intense speculation about the show, I will probably try to get my hands on the comic and give it a spin.  I have no plans to buy this hardcover which collects all twenty eight issues of Alias into one coffee-table-smashing volume but please feel free to CLICK HERE to get it for yourself.
At the bottom of the page, Amazon has it bundled with the collection of Jessica Jones' other book The Pulse for a hundred bucks. FYI.

So what did you think of the trailer and videos? I'm curious what you think about this and other MCU shows Marvel is developing, so get at me!

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Phillip Magana said...

I've heard of the comic, but haven't read any issues yet. Love the trailers and hope Marvel brings it.

Samax said...

Thanks for your comment, Phil!
So now that it's out, did you watch it?
What's your thoughts?

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