Start the day off right with Bavu Blakes and Element7D (collectively known as World Trade)

I've found that if you face who you are
The hustle's that much simpler to do
The possibilities are to the stars
Despite what they done told you
Baby you can show, oooooo...
(do it, do it)

This is on repeat while I try to rap up some commissions before I head off to work.  I told a friend recently that when I listen to a song or movie enough, it becomes part of the way God talks to me. Thankfully, I listen to dudes like Bavu Blakes and Element7D (known collectively as World Trade), who embrace that role, and write that good isht. Do It is off their 2010 album Channel One. Transcendent, yo...

Anyways, click here to download the whole joint freebones.
You're welcome.

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Chazzy said...

Superb hip hop right here fam. Much appreciate the gemz...

Samax said...

Word. Always happy to share gems with the people!

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