Social commentary. Undeniable hip hop style. Hacker-hero badasses. Yeah, I fux with that Digital Slang, homie...
Here's the sales pitch:
After the dismantling of the old power structure, at the hands of a now defunct group of old-time hackers, several rogue intelligence agencies have seized the opportunity to step in and become the new powers-that-be.
These agencies all have differing allegiances but operate under the guise and protection of the Federal side of the government. And although they differ in agenda and ideology, one thing they have in common, and understand, is that they need to gain control of the young population.
Whoever controls the minds of the youth will rise to full power, controlling the future of the world.
But not all the youth are as little lambs, so easily led. Small groups of newly awakened young bucks are aware of this master plan. Many are drafting and devising the blueprint for its overthrow in the shadows of hip hop inspired urban and suburban subcultures.
How do these small pockets of awakened youth fight back? They fight from their bedrooms. They fight from their Mom’s basements. They fight on the train, in the libraries and on campus. Because, as they say, “If you can hack, you can fight back.”
In this alternate digital age you can no longer run. Big brother is everywhere. So, once you’re targeted by the machine, you have to stand and fight.

Leonard Green's graphic novel Digital Slang: The Proxy War promises to combine hip hop night life aesthetics, weed-induced anti-establishment paranoia, and Leonard's particular brand of cartooning genius into a red-hot combination that makes Afrofuturism and ghetto magnetism play nice together:
Don't worry, I will get in contact with the him and make sure he DOES NOT letter this otherwise brilliant piece of work with comic sans.
The storytelling here...
If you're impressed as I am,  CLICK HERE to check out the Kickstarter and bless this one with some hard-earned capital!  The future of comics is happening all around us! There is NO shortage of dope content trying to happen. But it can't happen if YOU won't reach in your (digital) pockets and get involved!

Samax Amen is a professional content developer, illustrator and cartoonist. CLICK HERE to hire him to breathe life into your ideas. 
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