it's BIGGER than Hip Hop...

leave it to me to report the download of tracks from the soundtrack to Afro Samurai: Resurrection without even knowing about the actual show itself! but, yeah, the new joint is being broadcast tonight at 10pm (9 central) on Spike TV. so now ya know! if watch it tonight, come over here after that and leave comments!


B_Steelo said...

This looks better than the first one

samax said...

i watched it... it was DOPE!!!!!

Parka said...

Not bad. But the Samurai Champloo's anime and soundtrack are just way better.

samax said...

LOVE Champloo, but i always wanted them to push the hip hop angle more than they did. Champloo is definitely the reason Afro Samurai got made.

the mix of contemporary and classical culture cues is great.

big Shane said...

Mugen and Jin are good, but Afro is for the babies!!!

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