okay, i was wrong...

i spent a lot of the last two years kicking dirt on the name of Devin Harris while he was playing for the Mavericks. i'm not stupid or anything... i saw that he sometimes played well against other team's guards. but he played point, and he didn't do a good job of managing the team, and didn't seem like he would ever become a good leader. when he was traded for Jason Kidd, i was happy to see him go. as recently as early December, i told a friend "He's talented, but he will never be a star in the league..." so now Harris is 6th in the league in scoring and may wind up on the all-star team.
so anyways, i admit he's better than i gave him credit for...



Corance said...

Yes, vindication!!! I do agree about the skills of pre-trade Harris, but he had two things that made me look twice at him: He's one of the 3 or 4 fastest guards in the league, and he kept learning and improving.

I still wouldn't say the trade was a mistake though. I still prefer the brainy over the physically gifted.

clnmike said...

You aint the only one that got duped, dude came out of left field with his play this year.

Omagus said...

I hated the Harris/Kidd trade with a passion. It was stupid and shortsighted. Harris' problems could have been summed up in two words: Avery Johnson.

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