Obama Pals around with... Spider-Man?

yeah, Barack was caught on camera delivering the terrorist fist bump to your friendly neighborhood Spider-man ... let's see him explain his way outta THAT!!!
Daily Bugle publisher J Jonah Jameson will soon join the ranks of those fronting on President-Elect Obama, and the headline will read OBAMA PALS AROUND WITH WEBBED MENACE!
i'm sorry. this is freakin' hilarious! so anyways, Obama really did announce during the campaign that he was a big Spidey fan. and Marvel is opting to swing some Obamania their way (read more in USA Today)


8thlight said...

Before he's even taken office he's already scheduled to make 2 comic book appearances. lol

I haven't bought a comic in a minute, but I think I'm going to make sure to pick up this one as well as his Savage Dragon appearance.

Goldi gold said...

Word. everybody capitalize but it's dope though

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