cop The Wire Complete Series for 67% off!

The Wire: The Complete Series is available on for a MEASLY $82 (retail is $250). this is a one day only deal, but if you can scrounge the funds, you NEED to cop it! The Wire is one of the best teevee shows EVER and most definitely gets the ghettoManga seal of approval, cousin!
click the pic above to go to Amazon and COP IT!


Omagus said...

This is such a great deal that I kinda want to cop it even though I already own all five seasons.

The Wire is absolutely the greatest television drama in history. Cop my analysis of the series:

Magusi Soup on The Wire

Vee (Scratch) said...

Samax, Good looking on the information! I'm really supposed to be a super-tight recession, debt control budget but I had to do it. Amazon will be shipping me my copy in 5 - 9 business days. Free freaking shipping.

On a side note, I'm contemplating getting the Sex & the City series for the lady. The complete series is also available at a huge discount.

Now I'm going to try to read through ^Omagus's review.

samax said...

word. that's what we're here for. Amazon got people's backs with the recession! that review Omagus wrote is off the meter! he's got real analysis! recommended reading, fam!

Vee (Scratch) said...

The price already jumped to $134.49! Oh well, I guess time is everything. Strike while the iron is hot . . . and more cliches about time.

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