look who's RASLin'...

a heads up from Mike Lagocki
RASL Volume 1: The Drift came out this week.
It's an oversized edition of the first 122 pages of the new comic saga from the creator of BONE. This is a gorgeous volume and to be only $13 at this size is too good to pass up. [NOTE: i found it on amazon for under $11... click the link or the pic on the left!]

The quick skinny:
This is NOT Bone. RASL is a very strange story about a dimension hopping art theif, his loves, his addictions, and the strange "lizard face man" who's been following him from one dimension to the other, trying to kill him. It's fast, creative, edgy sci-fi.

This was my favorite book of 2008. I love the boldness of it, and for the creator of BONE to be doing something this far out there is really inspiring to me. It really feels like a book by an artist/writer who's made his mark, and is now just having a blast. The art is of course clasic Jeff Smith ('nuff said). You can be sure that the same beautiful rendering that worked for Bone, works for this kind of book too.

I had heard that Smith's original plan was to publish RASL very large, maybe even 11x12. Ultimately they went with standard comics size for the individual issues, so it's great to see that the trade was printed with such large pages (it's about magazine size).

Skip a meal this week, this one's worth it.

-Mike Lagocki is one-fifth of the mighty ghostWerks crew, as well as being the driving force behind the pleasantly notorious art activist massive called ArtLoveMagic, dedicated to overcoming Evil with good art.


samax said...

i've only read the first three issues i think, but this mess is awesome! Smith shows a talent for suspense in RASL only hinted at in Bone.

i had no idea the series was far enough along to print a 122 page joint! i got ta have it!!!

David said...

I believe it's only reprinting the first three issues, plus some bonus content. I knew I wanted to "wait for the trade" on this one, but weren't the individual issues longer than an average comic?

Can't wait to read RASL.

samax said...

yeah, their 32 pages (i counted) so i guess that's right... yeah, it's quality-jollity!

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