Pencilism Returns?

looks like my man Randolph "Pencilism" Williams is back at the drawing board crafting new comics starring Nefertiti Jones! as longtime readers know, when Pencilism last took the art honors on Southside Nefertiti, i suggested they should have him redraw writer/artist Mike Sales early issues... and it looks like they are taking the advice! according to Sales, Williams is tightenin' up Southside Nefertiti: Remix (Fist of the Southstar), a new graphic novel due out this spring!
i'm all excited!


Corance said...

That looks dope. I really want to see this. Hopefully he does a TPB as well.

samax said...

i'm sayin'... that's what they're doing! it's gonna be HOT! Sales is a good writer, and Pencilism is SICK wit the pencils (hence the name)... a match made in heaven!

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