okay, I'm checkin' for this...

NEXT DAY AIR trailer

trailer for Next Day Air starring Donald Faison, Mike Epps, and the Mighty Mos Def


clnmike said...

I like this, it's an old theme but the cast is cool.

Anonymous said...

looks like a rip off of Snatch , Smokin Barrels n Rock n Rolla.

:( the cheaper blacker wacker version.

" looks like"

clnmike said...

^^ You aint got nothing to say about your homeboy?

samax said...

it looks good to me, hence i posted the trailer...
snatch is one of my favorite movies, but i don't see this film having all that much to do with it. the trailer is designed to feel at the same steez. but the movie doesn't have much in common with it.

no british accents, no "pikers", no heist... the similarity is so cosmetic, i didn't see any reason to respond to the "wacker snatch" comment... anonymous is welcome to his opinion...

it looked funny to me... i'm planning on watching it.

Corance said...

Actually, it looks really good. I just got one problem. I really don't like Mike Epps. But I like everyone else, so I'll probably see it anyway.

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