you want a PIECE o' me?

"No, i want the whole thing!"
-Bob Barker, in Happy Gilmore.
what's good people? grinding on these comics pages for a client. by the way, i really appreciate all the new readers and everyone leaving comments. appreciate all the people who swung by to vote in the ghettoManga Awards too. i'll start posting the award reports around the 15th, and oughta have a new ghettoManga Quarterly to the printer by month's end.


big Shane said...

these shits look TIGHT!
will this book be in stores, or are you gonna sell copies off your website? looks HOT!!!

B_Steelo said...

Brotha Lukas.

samax said...

the client doesn't have any plans to release it in print yet, but i'm tryin'a talk them into it!

i'll keep you posted!

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