Diamond screws Black comics creator (again)

here we go again... okay, so from my trawling around the internet looking for black people making comics, one of the books i came across is The Hole: Consumer Culture by Eye Trauma Comix. as if an indie science fiction horror graphic novel "about the buying of selling of race in America, the simultaneous worship and degradation of African Americans in popular culture" was not a hard enough sell, Diamond decided to put it in the Porn section! i guess the title (ahem) The Hole brought up certain Freudian connotations for someone... but it probably means they didn't read the solicitation or even LOOK at the sample art. WAY TO HELP EXPAND THE READERSHIP, DIAMOND!
anyways, if you wanna support cats, don't bother with your comic shop... follow this link to buy The Hole: Consumer Culture, Volume 1.


clnmike said...

Who is Diamond?

samax said...

in the WONDERFUL world of comic shops, diamond is THE middleman between creators of comics and their would-be fan base...

see, in the comics biz, there is ONE distributor that controls 98% of the comic shops in America.

"but samax, that sounds like a monopoly. our anti-trust laws make monopolies illegal, don't they?"

oh... bless your heart...

so anyways, in order to get comic shops across america to carry your comic, you need to:
1) convince diamond to decide that fans will buy your comic
2) so they will list your comic
3) so fans can ask for your comic
4) so shops can order it
5) so when it hits shelves, MAYBE fans will actually buy it!

okay, that sounds easy (it isn't), but if your comic is in the wrong section... you're screwed.

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