[from time to time, i will use terms you may not understand... check here for definitions. feel free to let me know if i need to add new ones.]

Body (BAH' dee) v. to kill, literally or (usually) figuratively. to win in a conflict or contest (ex. "Inspectah Deck BODIED Joe Budden on that diss record!" or "yo, did you see Denver BODY the Lakers in L.A. last night?").

Comicbook (COM ick buk) 1) n. a multiple page comics publication, usually between 20-48 pages. a larger comicbook is generally referred to as an OGN or TPB (see OGN, TPB). 2) adj having or being influenced by the style of comics, particularly superhero comics (ex. comicbook movie, comicbook plot, etc). 3) adj anyone or anything having to do with the art or business of comics (ex. comicbook writer, comicbook industry, etc)

Coonery (KOO nur ee) n. negative stereotypical "black people" behavior, particularly over acting, stupidity, and/or ignorance. derived from Coon+buffoonery.

Dime (DIME) n. 1) used as a noun in place of the number ten, or tenth 2) an assist in basketball 3) really good-looking woman (i have never heard women refer to a man as a dime though), as in 'a perfect ten' 4) the year 2010 ("the dime") v. to snitch (most likely derived from the term 'drop a dime')

(the) Dog's Balls a a saying that equates something with the best things ever (similar to the phrase "the cat's meow"). ex- that new Pharoahe Monch joint is the dog's balls, son!

Fam (FAM) n. short for 'family,' this is used either for literal family and close friends. I call everybody Fam as a term of endearment. It can be plural or singular.

Grilchy (GRILL chee) adj. 1) having or originating from a hardcore or gutter state of mind. 2) especially dangerous or rebellious or unpredictable. Uncontrollable. Without respect for rules, laws, or boundaries 3) in hip hop music or art, having qualities that make an observer scrunch his or her face up. a contraction of grimy and filthy. A term conceived and popularized by emcee MarQ Spekt of Broady Champs and School of Sharks. Ex. "Did he walk right up and take dude's girl while he was standing there? That's GRILCHY, son!

Hardbody or hard body (HAHRD bah dee) adj- 1) exceptional. Better than average. 2) having or exhibiting mental and/or physical discipline/toughness. 3) Particularly tough or gritty ex- A lucky fool can get their foot in the door, but to have longevity in comics, you gotta be hardbody, son.

Manga (MONG uh, or MANG uh) n. 1) the Japanese word for "comics" 2) comics created in Japan 3) comics incorporating any of the styles originating or popularized in Japan 4) the paperback format, similar in size to prose novel, that collects new or previously published comics. smaller in size than a typical American Graphic Novel or Trade Paper Back.

Merk (murk) v. 1) to leave suddenly. 2) to kill someone (i.e. to make THEM leave this earth)... 3) to die. 4) to fall asleep suddenly.

Mustard (MUS terd) adj. 1) pretty good. better than average probably derived from the saying that someone is able to "cut the mustard" (ex. that new Nas joint is mustard, son!)

Mutombo (mu TOM' boh) n. a block (especially on a social networking account like Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, etc) for unacceptable behavior. v. the act of blocking someone for unacceptable behavior. for best results, wag finger at the screen.
derived from veteran NBA player Dikembe Mutombo, known for blocking shots and taunting afterwords.

OGN (Oh-Gee-In) n. acronym standing for Original Graphic Novel, a long-form comic not previously printed in another format.

Pro'lly or Prolly (PRAH' ly) adv. contraction of "probably".

Sneakeasy (SNEEK' ee zee) n. movie theater/multiplex that makes it easy to watch multiple movies while only paying for one.

Trade Paper Back n. a collection of previously published comics. sometimes erroneously refered to as a Graphic Novel. also just referred to as a "Trade" or "TPB".

Tradewaiters (TRAYD wayt ers) n. Comicbook fans who typically skip monthly issues in favor of waiting on the collection into trade paperback format.

Tradewaiting (TRAYD wayt ing) v. practice of skipping monthly issues in favor of waiting for the collection of the issues into trade paperback (see trade paperback).  ex. Don't tell me what happens, dude! I'm tradewaiting!

Trailer (TRAY ler) n. movie preview. also called teaser.

TPB (Tee Pee Bee) n. Acronym for trade paper back, a collection of previously published comics. sometimes erroneously refered to as Graphic Novels. (also see Graphic Novel)

yamp (YAMP) n. Young female of questionable character (lit. "young tramp" ).

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