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The GHETTOMANGA STREET TEAM is a network of my best fans who get access to stuff other fans don't get. I couldn't possibly do what I do without a strong network backing me up, so I love my fans and I want you on my team...

What you get:
  1. EXCLUSIVE LIMITED EDITION SCREEN PRINTED T-SHIRT- I'll  screen-print an EXCLUSIVE LIMITED EDITION tee, strictly for myself and my team, once a year. These shirts will NEVER be reprinted... and you will get each one that comes out for as long as you're a member.
  2. (at least) 4 ISSUES OF GHETTOMANGA QUARTERLY MAGAZINE- You will get every issue of GhettoManga Quarterly that comes out while your membership is active. Even if it takes us more than one year to publish four issues (it happens), you are guaranteed to get 4 issues for each year you are a member. We will also do special issues from time to time, so if we do more than four, you'll get those free too as long as your membership is valid.
  3. FREE DIGITAL COPIES OF EVERY BOOK I PUBLISH DURING YOUR MEMBERSHIP- Anytime I publish a new artbook, issue of Champion of Children, or any other book, comic, trade, ebook or whatever, you will get a digital copy 100% FREE.
  4. 99 cent DOWNLOADS OF PREVIOUS COMICS, BOOKS, ETC.- Yep. You'll get a coupon code that allows you to download ANY book I have published in the past for just a buck each.
  5. FREE GREETING CARDS (at least) 4 TIMES A YEAR- I love my peeps... so you'll get a greeting card with art by me (or one of my friends who is equally dope) at Christmas, Valentine's Day and at least two other times a year, as long as you are a member.
  6. EXCLUSIVE DISCOUNTS AND FREE STUFF- Anyone that knows me will tell you: I like to share. So from time to time I will just send you free stuff. Prints. Comics. Postcards. Free Downloads. Stuff like that. You'll also get discounts on everything I make when I can't afford to just GIVE it to you...

ALSO: Let me know if you want to make money by selling my products (including these memberships), and I'll hook you up with HTML Paypal Button code to post on your site.When people buy my stuff from your buttons, you'll earn a cut. Get at me for details!

Thanks, and I look forward to building with you!

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