i remember having this conversation with a dude several years back, when i worked at a consulting firm... this cat who knew i made comics was talking to me and one of my co-workers (also a comics artist), trying to convince us why comics were too limited a pursuit for him. "Guys" he said "I understand why you like comics, but they are just too limited in what you can do with them... i mean, sure, they're good for telling stories, but it's not like you can explain deep philosophy with them..."
what an IDIOT that guy was! i mean, surely the ability to mix words with pictures would actually make it EASIER to convey complex ideas, not harder! the easy-absorb reading experience of the comic book should actually facilitate learning, right? i eventually found a few great comics that did JUST that... the best of which is Xeric Award-winning Action Philosophers from EVIL TWIN Comics.

in Action Philosophers, the team of writer Fred Van Lente and artist Ryan Dunlavey build and destroy with the greatest minds known to man. making slick use of comics' visual language, an encyclopedic knowledge base, and disarming humor, they break down the lives and ideologies of the most captivating thinkers the world has ever seen. they actually make these thoughts easy to understand and remember, and they take requests! so if they haven't blessed your favorite big-brain, holla at 'em and they'll hook you up!

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