a Word to the Wise

it's thursday... aka HipHop Appreciation Day here at ghettoManga.com
i try to take the time to let people know what i've come across that's worth celebrating. which brings me to a recent mySpace discovery: Long Beach Producer/Emcee Wiseman.

I haven't heard that much of this cat's music, but i will say this: the centerpiece of his 2006 production album THE STREET SCHOLARS has got to be the transcedant single Music Is My Voice which he also rhymes on flawlessly. if this song is any indication of his beat/rhyme skills, we may have an underground superstar on our hands!
do yourself a favor and at LEAST go here and check that joint, and/or slide over to Wiseman's profile and holla at him (like I did).

it doesn't get much better fam!

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