OGN of the Year 2007

i'm sure i've said this before. Felipe Smith is the future of comics, and his totally absurd, yet strangely realistic, semiautobiographical adventure in american manga (if, in fact, there is such a thing), MBQ is the ghettoManga OGN of the Year for 2007. the third and final installment of MBQ dropped this fall, from Tokyopop. Smith was also featured in several publications (Drink and Draw, Mangaka), where he was able to show his illustrating chops... but MBQ is a perfect launching point for the young star.
very adamant about not doing genres that have been done to death in comics, Felipe nevertheless brings the storytelling techniques and styles that are hard for regular comics nerds to resist, while showcasing the kind of humor, boldness, and well-placed sensitivity to real life experiences that make MBQ a book that can and should have true mass appeal.
Felipe's quiet mastery of the idioms of comics have won him all types of contests, been published on three continents, and will undoubtedly result in his becoming a big name in comics (or manga, if you prefer...).with this story completed and his highly accessible style front and center, there's no telling where we'll see mr. smith next. so cop MBQ now, while you can still get it cheap!

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