Check out this new super hero character, fam...

Hey fam,

One of my favorite client collaborators, J.R. LeMar, popped into my inbox for a quick character art commission that turned out REALLY well, if I do say so myself (which I do). . .

This is J.R.'s new character Super Heru, a pan-african reimagining of the Man of Steel. At least that's the angle I took when drawing this. I would not describe J.R. as a Pan-Africanist dude, but he is very skilled at conceiving of rich and diverse and authentic characters. I drew a similar character for him before based on other artist's renditions, but I think I am the first one to draw Super Heru, which is huuuuuge to me. I tried to do the idea justice.

Well, I hope you like the drawing.  Thanks for reading, fam, and if you need anything, just CLICK HERE to email me, or click here to hit me on messenger.
You can even schedule a call here.

-Samax ("some AX")

Are the robots taking our jobs or nah?


Unknown said...

This is tight! Love the details like the nose ring, the texture on the hands/gloves, the eye of Heru logo. Good stuff.

Samax said...

Thanks, Trey! I thought the nose and earrings would hit! All J.R.'s idea!

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