(Urban just means Black...)

Go out and get a FREE copy of UVC, the Urban Voice of Comics. the magazine is made by people doing the honorable task of covering comics for/by/starring/or-at-least-marginally-intersting-to Black folks (among the contributors is Omar Bilal, of the Black Superhero Museum ... holla!)
to avoid the argument between those who can't agree if we should be called "Black," "African-American," or "Them", they went with the always politically correct "Urban" (but you country negroes can cop it too!)
anyways, pointless sarcastic remarks aside, you should cop it. this way, you can catch up with what's goin' on in comics without actually havin' to READ 'em all (if it puts me out of a job, that's okay... ya'll don't pay me anyways...)! this month's issue has BRILLIANT comic artiste Kyle Baker on the cover, and a nice little interview with the award-winning do-it-all, so cop it! you can subscribe to it on their website, or badger your comicshop, record store or "urban lifestyle store" (whatever that is) to order it... they can get it for you FREE (that's in the budget, fam!)
in my opinion, this is just what we need!

peace, love, etc.
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