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the wait is over people! the debut issue of ghettoManga Quarterly is here for your perusal! after a long wait, i finally got the first issue done...
it's 52 pages long, with original comics from Nat Landry (Devil Kitty and Violent Amphibious Beaver Boy), Garland Watson (Return Of The Backpackers) and me, Samax Amen (Manchild:Birthday Boy).
Hip hoppers will dig the article featuring DJ Kool Herc and reviews of that new Nas joint, and I put you on (once again) to the Mighty Underdogs new plate Droppin' Science Fiction. as an added bonus, i featured my art series Pay*Triotic in these pages, and much, much more!
COP THAT for just $10 plus shipping, homey!



B_Steelo said...

aww shnap!

Goldi gold said...


clnmike said...

First time hear, Im likeing this spot already, two of my favorite things Hip-Hop and Manga, I'll check your work out.

Vee (Scratch) said...

Bro, I'm not expecting anything for free, but what's up with a little preview?

samax said...

much of the magazine's content has been posted already:




Nat Landry:

garland Watson

Wooden Horse said...

Dear Editors,

I would like to write a short article about your publication for the Wooden Horse Magazine News website (http://woodenhorsepub.com), because our focus is on providing our readers with news about new magazines. While I was able to get some of my questions answered from your blog, I was wondering if you could e-mail me at woodenhorsepub@earthlink.net with answers to a few additional questions.
1. What/who is your target market?
2. What is the name of the top editor?
3. What is the name of the company that publishes the magazine?
4. What is the geographic distribution of the magazine?
5. How many copies do you print with each issue?
Please feel free to provide any other information that you think will be helpful. Thank you.

News Editor
Wooden Horse Publishing

samax said...

i will get that email out to you today.

4 Cryin Out Loud said...

YAY! need a copy...

Indeez said...

I'm french publisher oriented Hip hop and Urban cultures so contact me via my website please. I need to see more.
Best regards


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