HOLY CRAP! This new Playdough joint "Saint Dangle" is my SHEET!

"Preparing tables in the sight of my enemy
Dallas making dead presidents, word to John F Kennedy."

I heard it's hard to be a Christian and a hip hopper at the same time, but I make it look easy because it is to me. Helps that dudes like Playdough write super-duper fun faith-full raps such as this.

"Champion raw like a glass of eggs for breakfast
Always rep Texas yelling out 'GOD BLESS THIS'..."

Other people run past rhymes like this like it's no big deal, but those with ears to hear... you know what to do. Saint Dangle is Playdough's way to lead by example. He deals with the frustrations of being a real emcee and an authentic Christian in a world that isn't particularly fond of either the way God intended:
He feeds his faith first, then works it out on the best track money could buy he could lease for thirty bucks. Getting on youTube beyotching about backstabbers, cheap 'fans,' hypocritical peers and  wack as folk rugrat rappers making loot would only be doing half the job, at best.

"I took some time, I stepped away. I went and read my Bible.
I drank some coffee, Studied scriptures, angered up my rivals."

I'm not a rapper, I draw and stuff. But as a creative person, I often hear God giving me the mandate to maintain my attitude in the face of difficulty, not by endless social media ranting and creating communities tied together by a spirit of common offense, but by seeking God, who can teach me how to process the bitterness from my experiences and funnel that energy into dope art.

"But I'm gonna do to them
what I wish they would do to me
Hold 'em down and love 'em beautifully
And keep some unity."

In a world addicted to foolishness, Playdough chose to stand for obedience, healing and love... He turned the slings and arrows of life into dope rhymes, then gave them away. Now that's Christian. But despite what the Westboro Baptist Rap Ministry might tell you, you don't have to be Christian to bump these jewels! You can click here to download Saint Dangle free of charge, whatever your faith tradition!
And Playdough, if you're reading this... Keep Danglin', son...

Love, peace, etc.
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