"Black Dynamite and Boondocks were great but it's time to leave Earth..." @LeSeanThomas

I got a dm last night from the mighty LeSean Thomas confirming that production has officially started (in Japan, of course) on his hip hop flavored action-adventure animated series Cannon Busters.
For the record, Cannon Busters is an animated adventure story about the value of friendship and just how far one is willing to go to maintain it. “Think The Wizard of Oz meets Hidden Fortress with a dash of Escaflowne, plus Hip Hop and classic RPGS... all rolled into one ride of fun, suspense, action & wackiness...” 

LeSean has proven himself a valuable company man at Warner Bros and Cartoon Network, while maintaining a healthy independent spirit. Now after a decade that would make anyone proud, producing and directing shows like The Boondocks, Black Dynamite and more, the self-identified kid from the projects has set his sights on higher heights.
"Black Dynamite and Boondocks were great but it's time to leave earth..." he said, excited to see the world he's creating getting closer and closer to bursting out of your teevee screens...

LeSean has been developing Cannon Busters very publicly for years. I first ran into LeS on the ArtXilla message boards posting incredible pencils for the Cannon Busters original graphic novel he was working on (he actually dropped one issue of Cannon Busters in 2005. I lost my copy...) while he was just breaking into animation. Over the years, I have watched LeSean claw his way to prominence in American television animation, growing his legend via a super-soldier serum of humility and self-promotion. That sounds crazy, right? It's not.
Lots of artists have humility. Many have confidence. A few manage to market themselves without ruining their reputations. The combination of these skills is quite rare. LeSean has mastered the art of promoting his work, developing his talent, and celebrating how dope his stuff is without making everyone hate him. On the contrary, he has amassed a legion of fans and contributors who want to see his vision come to pass at least as much as he does!
So armed with irresistible charm, talent and a respectable crowd-funded budget LeSean has assembled a dream team of creative monsters that includes mechanical designer Thomas Romain, comics superstar and character artist Joe Madureira, animator Bahi JD and producer Tim Yoon to help him develop Cannon Busters, which has finally begun production in Japan. LeSean has wrangled the assistance of venerated Japanese animation studio Satelight (Macross Frontier, Log Horizon, Basquash!).
The combination of proven track records for certified dopeness here is off the meter.  If you missed the Kickstarter, but still want to contribute to the Cannon Busters mission (and get in on some cool rewards), click here!  We are all watching patiently, while frantically anticipating what comes next. I'll try to keep you updated!

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