Random Rap Shit- "Best in Show" by P.CASSO, @VonPea & @HomeboySandman, PLUS a super sick cypher!

I never heard of this dude P.CASSO, but the word nerd flow made me do a double take while I was drawing, so I figured I'd share this video for Best in Show (f/Von Pea and Homeboy Sandman)...
Nice.  I will have to look into this dude... For now, you can stream his album A Prelude to Greatness and cop it on some name your price type isht via the miracle of bandcamp.

But yo, while I was writing this, YouTube autoplay rolled into this INSANE freestyle cypher with Homeboy Sandman, Bootcampers Steele and Rock, and the mighty Pharoahe Monch. So I'll have to write more about that other shit at a later time. There's too much streethop con comics references in this...

 "Progeny he's not. Ready magnavox
More venomous than dude Eddie Brock"
-Homeboy Sandman
Yikes... this cypher is too much. Just listen to it. I gotta go draw and shit.

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